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Bed Bug Treatment in Portsmouth

As the home of the Royal Navy, a student hub and an important south-coast tourist destination, Portsmouth attracts plenty of visitors year-round.

Its busy hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, restaurants, museums, retail outlets and so on attract plenty of unwanted pests too.

Large numbers of bed bug infestations have affected Portsmouth businesses and homes in recent years because of a plentiful supply of blood, warmth and hiding places — all things that bed bugs thrive on.

Many common bed bug treatments are only partly effective, so infestations have ballooned in recent years.

At ThermoPest, we guarantee 100-percent effective bed bug treatments for the Portsmouth area.

Our heat treatment process requires just a single visit from a professional bed bug exterminator to be effective. And we work rapidly, discreetly and affordably to eradicate bed bugs in homes and businesses across Portsmouth..

Why does Portsmouth have a bed bug problem?

To thrive, bed bugs need human blood to feed on, hiding places and warmth. And to spread, they need luggage, clothes or handbags to latch on to and hitch a ride.

Portsmouth is a travel hub, which means a bed bug infestation can spread quickly.

A simple train or bus trip with infested seats can spread the bed bugs to multiple locations around the city and beyond. As long as “blood hosts” are available and the temperature is moderate to warm, bed bugs will breed.

The bed bug problem is exacerbated because most chemical bed bug treatments in Portsmouth are only partially ineffective in eradicating pests. Bugs can hide from pesticide sprays and they may be resistant to them, in any case.

This means that some eggs, nymphs and adults survive even several chemical treatments.

But no bed bug can survive our heat treatment…

bed bug treatment portsmouth

Bed bug heat treatment for Portsmouth homes and businesses

Bed bugs love warmth but a room heated to 49°C – 60°C will kill all adults, nymphs and eggs.

Our bed bug exterminator service uses special high-powered convection heaters to heat rooms to these super-high temperatures that bed bugs and other pests (including textile moths) cannot withstand.

This is the only treatment that we know that is guaranteed to eradicate all traces of bed bugs in a single visit.

Another advantage over chemical treatments is that no toxic waste is left behind in treated homes and businesses.

Our Portsmouth bed bug treatment guarantee

ThermoPest offers a 30-day guarantee for bed bug heat treatment in Portsmouth:

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.

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Our Portsmouth bed bug exterminators are fast and discreet…

ThermoPest operates a team of highly trained bed bug exterminators.

Our first aim is to eliminate all traces of the bed bugs on your property but we also aim to:

  1. Minimise the disruption to your home or business 
  2. Protect your reputation with discreet action against infestations

Infestations that are identified and reported to us early are generally easier to treat. Most infestations are thoroughly treated in just ONE visit in ONE day — even if an entire home needs treatment.

Only larger properties with a large number of rooms (like large hotels) will require more than one day.

Our team works in unmarked uniforms and from unmarked vans. From outside the property, nobody would know we were inside working away on bed bug treatment.

Bed bug prevention and monitoring in Portsmouth

Prevention is better than a cure. So, once the bed bugs have been eradicated, it’s best to take measures to ensure they don’t return.

Regular checks can help high-risk Portsmouth businesses stay bed-bug-free. 

Our ongoing bed bug monitoring and prevention services include regular visits from our professionals.

That way, you can protect your hard-earned reputation without having to worry about a bed bug infestation being broadcast all over social media before you even know about it.

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bed bug treatment portsmouth Bed Bug Treatment in Portsmouth

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bed bug treatment portsmouth Bed Bug Treatment in Portsmouth

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bed bug treatment portsmouth Bed Bug Treatment in Portsmouth

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