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Bed Bug Treatment in Bristol

Like most large cities in the UK, Bristol is facing a bed bug epidemic.

Bristol has been identified as one of the UK’s highest-growth cities over the next 10 years, according to research by global real estate advisor, CBRE.

That means more people flocking to the city. For bed bugs, this means more human blood on which to feed.

Bed bugs hide out in Bristol’s hotels and hostels, transport facilities and care facilities as well as residential homes. Dealing with infestations requires a comprehensive bed bug treatment service that can kill all stages of the bug’s lifecycle.

At ThermoPest, we guarantee 100-percent effective bed bug treatment for Bristol homes and businesses.

Our heat treatment process requires just one visit from a professional bed bug exterminator to remove all signs of the pest from your premises. We work rapidly, discreetly and affordably in homes and businesses across the Bristol area.

Why does Bristol have a bed bug problem?

Whether travelling on trains, staying in a hotel or visiting friends’ homes, if you’re exposed to bed bugs on a seat or mattress, you can help spread an infestation.

Bed bugs latch onto luggage, handbags and clothing and enter homes, apartments and businesses as “hitch-hikers”. Once there, if the conditions are right, they will breed rapidly and spread.

Busy cities like Bristol provide human hosts, warmth and hiding places that bed bugs thrive on. 

Most traditional bed bug treatments are ineffective due to resistance to pesticides and the inability of chemical sprays to target all bed bugs. 

Even repeated visits from pest controllers over several weeks rarely eradicate all traces of the pest, causing their numbers to balloon post-Covid in Bristol.

It’s bad enough to face an infestation in your home but the reputations of businesses are also at stake. If you suspect an infestation in your Bristol home or business, therefore, it’s essential to act quickly…

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Bed bug heat treatment for Bristol homes and businesses

Bed bug heat treatment is the most reliable method of exterminating the bugs in a single visit.

These pests are smart, highly mobile and experienced — they have lived alongside humans for thousands of years!

Our bed bug exterminator service uses special high-powered convection heaters to heat rooms to temperatures that bed bugs and other pests like textile moths and fleas cannot withstand (49°C – 60°C):

  • Heat kills all adults, nymphs and eggs 
  • Most exterminations are completed in a single visit
  • No toxic waste is left behind in your home/business.

Our Bristol bed bug treatment 30-day guarantee

Our 30-day guarantee for bed bug heat treatment in Bristol means that if the bed bugs are not eradicated in one visit, we’ll return and complete the job for free:

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.

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Bed bug removal services in Bristol

Our bed bug removal services are designed for the following types of properties:

Bed bugs aren’t too choosy about the home or business type they infest — provided the conditions are right. They will migrate from home to home and business to business.

Ultimately, if you’re in the Bristol area and you’re facing a bed bug problem, contact us for a free quote regardless of business type.

Fast and discreet bed bug extermination in Bristol …

Our bed bug exterminator team minimises the disruption to homes and businesses and protects reputations with fast and discreet treatments.

The earlier the infestation is detected, the sooner we can get to work.

Our team can exterminate most infestations in ONE day — except for larger hotels. If an entire home needs bed bug heat treatment because the infestation has spread, this is generally completed in 5-6 hours.

We work in unmarked uniforms and from unmarked vans. The treatment is invisible from outside the property.

Bed bug prevention and monitoring in Bristol

One bed bug head treatment can eliminate the pests but it won’t prevent them from returning if an infested piece of luggage, handbag, shoes or clothing re-introduces them to your property.

ThermoPest provides ongoing bed bug monitoring and prevention services for high-risk Bristol businesses that want to protect their reputations.

Regular visits from our team ensure that your property remains bed-bug-free.

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bed bug treatment Bristol Bed Bug Treatment in Bristol

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bed bug treatment Bristol Bed Bug Treatment in Bristol

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bed bug treatment Bristol Bed Bug Treatment in Bristol

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bed bug treatment Bristol Bed Bug Treatment in Bristol

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