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Bed Bug Treatment for (Residential) Homes

Did you know that:

  • The bed bug problem in the UK is being called a “pandemic” and a “plague” in the national media.
  • Bed bugs live for 4–6 months, are great hiders and can go a long time without food, which makes them challenging to eradicate.
  • London has the UK’s highest number of bed bug infestations per capita, followed by Leicester and Manchester.

The number of bed bug-infested homes in the UK is on the rise again after a break in the number of people travelling during Covid.

But how can you eradicate these hardy pests once and for all?

At ThermoPest, we specialise in bed bug heat treatment for residential homes. We treat infestations discreetly, rapidly and get the job done first time.

A single visit from our bed bug extermination professionals will eradicate your bed bug problem… and we’ll also help you prevent them from returning.

Residential bed bug problems

Bed bugs can infest any room with a human host and a place to hide — and especially love warm places.

The thought of these pests invading your home — and, even worse, your bed — and feeding on your blood is unpalatable for most people.

An infestation does not usually indicate a problem with hygiene in the home; rather, it means that someone was recently exposed to an infestation (likely on public transport or in a hotel, care home or other location) and brought the bed bugs home. 

How quickly you deal with the infestation is the key to how easily you will solve the problem.

Residential bed bug infestations should be treated as a matter of urgency to avoid the bed bugs spreading. They are not only prolific breeders but also quite mobile and can travel quite large distances if needed.

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Heat treatment for bed bugs in homes…

The great challenge with bed bug infestations is that many traditional chemical-based treatments are ineffective.

Pesticides rarely reach all the bugs and their eggs, so they will remain there dormant until the next human host comes along on which to feed. Bed bugs may also be resistant to some pesticides.

The best way to eradicate bed bugs in homes is with heat treatment. Heat penetrates all the cracks and crevices where the bugs hide, ensuring that nothing is missed.

We heat rooms with specialist equipment so that no bed bug can survive. All adult bugs, nymphs and eggs are exterminated.

Bed bugs will only return to your home if they are re-introduced from outside by attaching to luggage, clothing, etc.

Complete bed bug extermination in one discreet visit…

Nobody likes the thought of neighbours knowing that bed bugs have invaded their home.

With our discreet service, bed bugs are destroyed in a single visit without announcing it to the world.

Our team works from unmarked vans and in unmarked uniforms, using heating equipment that requires no visible presence outside the home.

We also work quickly to avoid unnecessary disruption to your family. Most homes are fully treated in 5-6 hours.

Our unique guarantee for residential properties

All bed bugs are eradicated by the ThermoPest team in a single visit — we guarantee it!

This is our 30-day guarantee for bed bug treatment for residences: 

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.

Our treatments are proven methods tested on thousands of infestations.

Prevent bed bugs in your home

Bed bug prevention starts with a little education for you and your family. Find out more about bed bugs here.

Learn to spot the tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Live bugs (swollen, well-fed bed bugs are highly visible but good hiders)
  • Blood spots on sheets and pillows
  • Pale, yellowish eggs or eggshells
  • Dark brown bed bug faecal matter

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, isolate any affected rooms and contact ThermoPest to arrange an inspection/heat treatment.

Regular and thorough cleaning, mattress/box spring encasements and other measures can be taken to prevent bed bugs from returning.


How much is bed bug treatment?

Our bed bug heat treatments are priced competetively within the market and we never cut corners. 

We believe in doing a job thoroughly the first time so there’s no need to come back. Nothing less than total bed bug eradication is acceptable and our team will not leave your property until we’re confident that’s the case.

Every circumstance is different and we will be happy to provide you a free no obligation quote based on your requirements.

Do you provide bed bug treatments for businesses?

Yes, as well as residential services, we regularly work on bed bug infestations at UK businesses, especially hotels, care homes, hostels, transport companies and more.

Can you eradicate other pests?

As well as bed bugs, our heat treatments are effective against textile moths, cockroaches and fleas.

Bed Bug Treatment for Homeowners

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Bed Bug Treatment for Homeowners

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Bed Bug Treatment for Homeowners

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Bed Bug Treatment for Homeowners

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