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Bed Bug Treatment for Transport Businesses

It’s not just homes, hotels and hostels that harbour bed bug infestations. Planes, trains, buses, taxis and other transport facilities are a surprising source of bed bug problems for many businesses in the UK.

These pests are smart and can hide out in the seats and upholstery of vehicles run by transport businesses. They hitch a ride around the country and eventually end up in our homes.

The reputational damage caused if a transport business is found to be the source of a bed bug infestation can be devastating. We all know how quickly social media posts can turn the world against you —rightly or wrongly.

To prevent that, ThermoPest provides specialist bed bug heat treatment for transport businesses across the UK. We handle infestations discreetly, rapidly and affordably without the world knowing.

And we’re quick. Our professional team can eradicate most bed bug infestations in a single visit…

Transport businesses and bed bug problems

Bed bugs are not too choosy about where they get their next blood meal. Any place with a human host and a warm place to hide will do — including the insides of frequently-used vehicles and the luggage carried by travellers.

With bed bug infestations on the rise in the UK after a slowdown during the pandemic, there is a clear connection between travel and the spread of bed bugs.

And because many transport companies don’t suspect bed bugs and therefore don’t take the necessary precautions against an infestation, the problems in these types of businesses are exacerbating. 

Unless vehicles are cleaned and inspected regularly and thoroughly, a bed bug infestation may be a sleeping threat to your transport business.

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Discreet and rapid bed bug treatment for transport businesses

The standard bed bug treatment for transport businesses and other hospitality businesses around the UK is pesticides.

Unfortunately, their success rate is low because most chemical treatments fail to reach (and therefore eradicate) all of the pests. Many bugs have also built resistance to pesticides and, besides, the treatments add to the toxic load in the immediate environment so there are question marks over their safety.

To safely exterminate every last bed bug (and their eggs), we heat the infested area to a temperature at which survival is impossible.

Bed bug heat treatment eradicates the pests in a single visit and we can usually treat all areas within a single day. If there are multiple locations and high numbers of vehicles to be treated, this may take a little longer.

The ThermoPest team works discreetly from unmarked vans and in unmarked uniforms. We take measures to reduce the visibility of our work and protect a business’s reputation as well as minimising any disruption.

Our unique guarantee for transport businesses

All bed bugs are eradicated by the ThermoPest team in a single visit — we guarantee it!

This is our 30-day guarantee for bed bug treatment for transport businesses: 

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.

Our methods are effective and are proven on thousands of infestations.

How to prevent bed bugs in transport businesses

Bed bugs may continue to be a threat to your transport business even after an infestation has been eradicated. 

That’s because bed bugs can be re-introduced to a taxi, plane, train or bus seat from a traveller’s luggage or clothing. Any passenger who has recently been exposed to an infestation can potentially bring the bed bugs back 

We can help avoid that scenario with our professional bed bug monitoring and prevention services.

If your business is at a high risk of an infestation, we offer contracts with 4, 6 or 12 inspection visits per year. This is the safest and surest way to prevent re-infestation and protect your reputation.

Tips for preventing bed bugs

Transport businesses can prevent bed bugs by:

  • Performing regular inspections
  • Checking for blood spots
  • Following up promptly with any passenger complaints 
  • Isolating affected vehicles

Staff should be aware of how to spot live bugs, as well as their eggs and faecal matter so that any infestation can be dealt with as early as possible. Find out more about bed bugs here.


How much is bed bug treatment for transport businesses?

Please contact us for bespoke pricing if you suspect a bed bug infestation in your transport business.

Do you provide bed bug treatments for other types of businesses?

Yes, as well as transport businesses, we regularly work with other types of UK businesses that have become infested with bed bugs. These include hotels, hostels, care homes/assisted living facilities and more.

Our services are also available for residential homes across the UK.

Can you eradicate other pests?

As well as bed bugs, our heat treatments are effective against textile moths, cockroaches and fleas.

Bed Bug Treatment for Transport

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Bed Bug Treatment for Transport

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