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Bed Bug Treatment for Hostels

Hostels are perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs: warmth, hiding places, plenty of hosts to suck blood from and few employees to run checks.

This has led to many infestations in hostels around the UK.

And, nowadays, where there are bed bugs, there are people with cameras and social media accounts. Hostel owners can, therefore, be almost certain that their hostel will hit a travellers’ blacklist if these pests are found.

To protect your reputation, ThermoPest provides specialist bed bug heat treatment for hostels. We handle infestations discreetly, rapidly and affordably without the world knowing.

Our professional team will eradicate bed bugs in a single visit to your hostel…

Hostels and the bed bug problem

Post-Covid, bed bug infestations have risen to new high levels, indicating a clear connection between travel and the spread of bed bugs.

The problem in UK hostels, hotels and other lodging houses is particularly severe.

Not only are there large numbers of travellers (hosts to feed on) but the cosy conditions where multiple people share a room are attractive for bed bugs. Plenty of mattresses and pieces of luggage offer many places to hide too. 

Bed bugs are smart and usually find a crack or crevice to hide in after feeding — luggage seams are perfect. And, if they’re in luggage, bed bugs will normally hitch a ride back home when the traveller returns.

Many hostels are lower budget than hotels too, with fewer employees on call. This can exacerbate a bed bug problem because rooms may be cleaned less regularly or thoroughly and bed bug checks may be intermittent or even non-existent.

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Bed bug treatment for hostels in a single visit

Chemical-based insecticides and pesticides rarely eradicate bed bugs completely because they fail to reach all of the pests and, in any case, the bugs have built resistance to some pesticides. These chemicals also increase the toxic load in the location where they’re used.

So, how do you safely exterminate bed bugs so that you can be sure that every last bug and egg is gone?

Bed bug heat treatment kills all the bugs at all stages of their life cycle. We simply heat the room to a temperature at which they cannot survive.

Our team will eradicate bed bugs in just ONE visit and, except for the largest hostels, all rooms will be bed-bug-free within a single day.

To protect your reputation, we work discreetly from unmarked vans and in unmarked uniforms. The specialist equipment we use is not visible from outside the property.

Because everything’s completed in a single day, the disruption to your business is also minimised.

Our unique guarantee for hostels

All bed bugs are eradicated by the ThermoPest team in a single visit — we guarantee it!

This is our 30-day guarantee for bed bug treatment for hostels: 

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.

Our methods are effective and are proven on thousands of infestations.

How to prevent bed bugs in hostels

Bed bugs are a threat to UK hostels even once an infestation has been eradicated. 

The business is based around attracting budget travellers — who may spend the previous night in a bed-bug-infested hostel and reintroduce them to yours via luggage, clothing, etc. — so the threat should be clear.

Hostels can prevent bed bugs by performing regular inspections, protecting beds with mattress or box spring encasements and with regular/thorough cleaning 

Also, guest complaints should be dealt with promptly and swift action taken if there are signs of an infestation (affected rooms must be isolated).

Staff shortages often mean that hostels cannot be as thorough as higher-budget hospitality businesses. However, staff should be trained on the signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Live bugs (swollen, well-fed bed bugs are highly visible but good hiders)
  • Blood spots on sheets and pillows
  • Pale, yellowish eggs or eggshells
  • Dark brown bed bug faecal matter

Unfortunately, casual inspections are rarely adequate and many infestations are missed.

ThermoPest provides professional bed bug monitoring and prevention services for hostels and other businesses at high risk of infestations.

We’ll help protect your reputation with 4, 6 or 12 inspection visits per year.


How much is bed bug treatment for hostels?

Please contact us for bespoke pricing if you suspect a bed bug infestation in your hostel.

Do you provide bed bug treatments for other types of businesses?

Yes, as well as hostels, we regularly work with other types of UK businesses that have become infested with bed bugs. These include hotels, care homes/assisted living facilities, transport companies and more.

Our services are also available for residential homes across the UK.

Can you eradicate other pests?

As well as bed bugs, our heat treatments are effective against textile moths, cockroaches and fleas.

Bed Bug Treatment for Hostels

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Bed Bug Treatment for Hostels

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Bed Bug Treatment for Hostels

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Bed Bug Treatment for Hostels

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