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30 Days Complete Eradication Guarantee*

Disclaimer for 30-Day Return Guarantee – Thermopest Ltd

30-Day Return Guarantee Disclaimer

We, ThermoPest,, strive to provide effective and satisfactory pest control services, specifically in the treatment of bed bugs and other pests. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount, and to uphold this commitment, we offer a 30-Day Return Guarantee under the following terms and conditions:

  • Scope of Guarantee:
    • This guarantee applies specifically to bed bug and pest treatments conducted by Thermopest Ltd within the last 30 days.
    • The guarantee is valid for the treated areas where a complete heat treatment was performed.
  • Return Visit Procedure:
    • In the event of a reported pest issue within 30 days of the initial treatment, Thermopest will schedule a return visit.
    • The return visit may include a targeted chemical spray treatment to address any persistent pest concerns.
  • Non-Complete Property Heat Treatments:
    • The 30-Day Return Guarantee is applicable only to properties where the heat treatment was performed comprehensively on all required areas.
    • Our guarantee excludes multi living buildings, such as flats, apartments, hotels where we have not treated the entire building. In case of an active infestation being present in neighbouring rooms which we have not treated.
    • Guarantee coverage is not extended to cases where the initial heat treatment did not cover the entire property due to client restrictions, limitations, or other reasons.
  • Client Responsibilities:
    • Clients are responsible for notifying Thermopest of any pest-related concerns within the 30-day guarantee period.
    • Clients must allow access to the property for the return visit and any necessary follow-up treatments.
    • Clients must present evidence that an active infestation is still present, this is sufficient by a photo of a live pest.
  • Exclusions from Guarantee:
    • This guarantee does not cover new pest infestations introduced to the property after the initial treatment.
    • Guarantees are void if clients do not adhere to the recommended post-treatment guidelines provided by Thermopest
  • Limitations:
    • The 30-Day Return Guarantee is non-transferable and applicable only to the original client for whom the initial treatment was conducted.

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