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bed bug treatment london Bed Bug Treatment in London

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Bed Bug Treatment in London

ThermoPest offers comprehensive bed bug treatment in London, ensuring complete removal backed by a 30-day warranty on all services. Our team employs a discreet approach, using unmarked vehicles and unbranded clothing to safeguard your privacy. Rest assured, we prioritise your peace of mind while effectively eradicating bed bug infestations from your residential or commercial space.

Bed bugs have been called a “plague” in the major UK cities and London is no exception.

With vast numbers of people living, working and travelling in close quarters, London (like most urban environments) provides the human hosts to feed on, hiding places and warmth that bed bugs need to thrive.

London transport services, hotels and hostels, in particular, are fertile breeding grounds for the pest.

To beat the bed bugs, you need to exterminate not only the adult bugs you can see but all life stages of the bug. That’s why heat treatment is the most effective solution.

The ThermoPest team is adept at eliminating infestations in London with bed bug heat treatment for homes and businesses. 

We work rapidly, discreetly and affordably to beat the problem before the world knows about it. Most infestations are killed in a single visit from our team. 

What is bed bug heat treatment in London?

During heat treatment, special high-powered convection heaters are used to heat rooms to temperatures that bed bugs cannot withstand (49°C – 60°C). 

Such temperatures also kill other bugs like textile moths, cockroaches and fleas.

Bed bugs have survived with humans for thousands of years. This is because these apple-seed-sized pests are smart and know how to avoid detection, crawling into the tiniest crevices with their flat bodies and going up to 12 months without feeding!

They are also adaptable and can move around, so they’re often found in furniture and luggage as well as mattresses. Find out more about bed bugs here or on our bed bug information page.

Bed bug heat treatment leaves no place to hide and eradicates all traces of bugs from your London home or business.

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Why is heat treatment more effective than chemical treatments?

Our London bed bug exterminators are:

  • Comprehensive: there are no hiding places left for bed bugs and all adults, nymphs and eggs are killed. 
  • Quick: One visit only is required (most exterminations are completed in 5-6 hours).
  • Eco-friendly: Heat treatments are chemical-free, leaving no waste behind in your home/business.
  • Guaranteed: If all bugs in your home/business aren’t eradicated, we’ll come back until they are.

In comparison, traditional chemical-based methods are ineffective because they don’t kill all the bed bugs — even after multiple visits over several weeks. 

Bugs have become resistant to many of the chemicals used and, besides, only the bugs in direct contact with the chemical are exterminated.

That’s why bed bugs have such a reputation for being hard to eliminate — and also why you may have to call the pest controllers in again after a few months (annoying and expensive). 

Our London bed bug heat treatment service guarantees a single visit — or we’ll return for free to re-treat the room(s).

Who’s our bed bug removal service for?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been travelling on the tube, staying in a five-star hotel or visiting friends. If your transport or accommodation is infested with bed bugs, you can bring them back to your home, apartment or business. Bed bugs are great hitchhikers 

If you suspect an infestation in your London home or business, it’s essential to deal with it promptly.

Bed bugs can rapidly ruin hard-won reputations for businesses and nobody likes the neighbours gossiping.

We provide bed bug removal services mainly for the following types of premises:

If you catch the infestation early and isolate it, the job will usually be quick and easy.

However, for serious infestations, our bed bug exterminators may recommend treating a whole property with heat (including adjoining rooms) as this may be the best way to ensure eradication.

If your business is in London but doesn’t fall into one of the categories named above and you’re facing a bed bug problem, contact us anyway for a quote.

Bed bug exterminators in London: How we work

Our bed bug exterminators aim to minimise the disruption to your home or business with our work while protecting your reputation.

Little preparation is required from you other than isolating any fabrics that have been exposed to bed bugs (preferably in plastic bags) and removing clutter.

Eradication generally requires just ONE visit in ONE day and even if a complete home needs heat treatment, this can be completed in 5-6 hours.

We work discreetly in unmarked uniforms and from unmarked vans. The treatment is invisible from outside the property and no pipes run into the building.

Our London bed bug guarantee

We offer a 30-day guarantee for any bed bug heat treatment in London: 

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.*

*Acceptable proof of live bed bugs includes video or other evidence of bugs caught on traps.

Bed bug prevention and monitoring services in London

In addition to bed bug heat treatments for London homes and businesses, we provide monitoring and prevention services

These services are mainly for businesses at high risk of re-infestation and reputational damage.

Because bed bugs can be re-introduced from the clothes, shoes, luggage, handbags or backpacks of anybody who has been exposed to an infestation, this is a common scenario in high-traffic businesses in London.

Our team of inspectors can schedule 4, 6 or 12 visits per year to ensure your property remains bed-bug-free.


Who’s responsible for bed bug treatment in apartments? 

This will depend on your lease agreement. If the problem was pre-existing (i.e., bed bugs were present before you moved in), you may be able to hold the property owner/manager liable. Otherwise, you may need to pay for treatment to eradicate the pests.

Are some bed bugs resistant to heat treatment? 

No, no bug can survive the temperatures that our bed bug heat treatment subjects the pests to.

What are bed bugs attracted to?

Bed bugs are mainly attracted to human blood and that’s why they infest many city areas — where large numbers of human hosts dwell, work and travel. The bugs can detect body warmth and carbon dioxide (in breath), helping them efficiently identify hosts to feed on.

bed bug treatment london

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Bed bug treatment near me

ThermoPest is dedicated to providing top-notch bed bug heat treatment services across all areas of London.

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bed bug treatment london Bed Bug Treatment in London

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