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Bed Bug Treatment for Hotels

Bad news has always travelled faster than good news — but in the age of Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook, it can cripple a business in days.

One of the worst pieces of news for a hotel is a bed bug infestation. Any sign of bed bugs and the news spreads like wildfire and will likely clean out your hotel within a few short days. 

At ThermoPest, we specialize in bed bug heat treatment for hotels and can help you treat an infestation discreetly, rapidly and affordably without the world knowing — and also help prevent future bed bug problems in your property.

One visit from our professional team is all that’s needed to eradicate bed bugs…

What is the best bed bug treatment for hotels?

Unlike humans, bed bugs are not too choosy about how many stars your hotel has. They are found in all standards of accommodation, from luxurious resorts to cheap hostels. 

In fact, hotel rooms are the third most popular hideout for bed bugs after apartments/condominiums and single-family homes.

And post-Covid, they are on the rise again.

One survey of UK hotels showed that 1 in 10 rooms inspected had bed bugs present. 

Traditional methods of treating bed bug infestations in hotels use chemical-based insecticides. However, these are inefficient and often ineffective at eradicating the problem. The bed bugs simply return.

Bed bugs are fantastic hiders and only the bugs in direct contact with the chemical are killed. It is also thought that bed bugs have become resistant to certain pesticides.

Bed bug heat treatment, on the other hand, kills all the bugs at all stages of their life cycle. The room temperature is heated to a level at which they cannot survive.

That means no return of your bed bug problem unless the bugs are re-introduced to the hotel rooms from outside (on luggage, clothing or other items).

Bed Bug Treatment Hotels

One discreet visit is all it takes…

Eradication of bed bugs generally requires just ONE visit and, except for the largest hotels, can be achieved in a single day.

Our team works discreetly from unmarked vans and in unmarked uniforms. Because of the specialist equipment we use, we don’t need to run pipes into the property from outside and make the bed bug treatment obvious.

That way, we help to protect your reputation as well as limit disruption to your business.

Our unique guarantee for hotels

All bed bugs are eradicated by the ThermoPest team in a single visit — we guarantee it!

This is our 30-day guarantee for bed bug treatment for hotels: 

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.

We can offer this guarantee because we know our treatments are effective — they are proven methods tested on thousands of infestations.

How to prevent bed bugs in hotels

Hotels can prevent bed bugs by performing regular inspections and taking the following steps:

  • Proofing hotel beds with mattress or box spring encasements and bed bug interceptors 
  • Dealing with any signs of an infestation quickly and isolating the affected rooms
  • Investigating customer complaints effectively
  • Regular and thorough cleaning 

Hospitality businesses should also educate staff on bed bugs. Train your people to check for the following tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation:

  • Live bugs (swollen, well-fed bed bugs are highly visible but good hiders)
  • Blood spots on sheets and pillows
  • Pale, yellowish eggs or eggshells
  • Dark brown bed bug faecal matter

Bed bugs are smart and casual inspections are rarely enough. Many infestations are missed.

ThermoPest provides monitoring and prevention services for hotels and other businesses at high risk of bed bug infestations.

Our team can help you protect your reputation with 4, 6 or 12 inspection visits per year.

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How much is bed bug treatment for hotels?

Bed bug heat treatments for hotel rooms are priced on an individual basis, depending on the level of infestation and the number of rooms requiring treatment.

Do you provide bed bug treatments for other types of businesses?

Yes, as well as hotels, we regularly work with other types of UK businesses that have become infested with bed bugs. These include hostels, care homes/assisted living facilities, transport companies and more.

Our services are also available for residential homes across the UK.

Can you eradicate other pests?

As well as bed bugs, our heat treatments are effective against textile moths, cockroaches and fleas.

Bed Bug Treatment Hotels

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