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Bed Bug Treatment in Surrey

Surrey’s proximity to London and beautiful greenery make it a commuter’s paradise. 

However, with such large numbers of people travelling to and from London each day, bed bugs also find it highly attractive. 

Bed bugs are mobile and versatile, latching onto luggage, clothing and other items and taking up residence in public transport facilities — eventually invading Surry homes and businesses and leading to something of a pandemic.

Unfortunately, effective bed bug treatments in Surrey are hard to find because many pesticide-based approaches fail.

Our bed bug heat treatment, however, requires only one visit from a bed bug exterminator to solve the problem.

ThermoPest guarantees extermination in one visit using extreme heat to eradicate all life stages of the bug. We work rapidly, discreetly and affordably to help you clear bed bugs from your Surrey home or business.

Why is Surrey infested with bed bugs?

Surrey is not alone in its bed bug problem. Most urban centres of the UK are infested with bed bugs — and London is the worst. 

Bed bug outbreaks easily find their way back to heavily commuted regions like Surrey. The pests take up residence in any property they are introduced to if there is plentiful human blood on which to feed and sufficient hiding places and warmth. 

Bed bugs may spread rapidly if these conditions are met and large numbers of people travel. If bed bugs take up home on a train seat in London, the journey to Surrey is easy— and if there is a ready supply of blood hosts in the new location, numbers can multiply rapidly.

Bed bugs can also easily relocate for more favourable conditions and to escape detection. They move within rooms, between rooms and between properties if the conditions allow it.

To be effective, a bed bug treatment must kill all stages of the bug’s life cycle, including adults, nymphs and eggs.

Most pesticide-based treatments in Surrey are hampered by two things:

  • Resistance to the chemical(s) used
  • Hiding places for the bugs to escape contact with the chemical(s)

Even multiple visits from pest controllers over several weeks rarely eradicate all traces of the bugs.

Bed bug heat treatment in Surrey

No bed bug will survive in a room that maintains a temperature of 50°C to 60°C for long enough.

This is the focus of the Surrey bed bug treatment from the team at ThermoPest.

We heat rooms and maintain temperatures for long enough to kill the bugs (adults, nymphs and eggs) using special high-powered convection heaters. Fleas and textile moths are also eradicated from these rooms.

Treatments are completed in one visit only, with most exterminations taking only a matter of hours. Success is guaranteed — or we’ll come back free of charge and re-treat the area.

And, because treatments are chemical-free, no toxic waste is left behind in your home or business.

Bed bug removal service in Surrey

We provide bed bug removal services for the following types of Surrey properties:

If your business is in Surrey but is not covered by any of these categories and has a bed bug problem, contact us anyway for a quote.

How our Surrey bed bug exterminators work

A bed bug infestation is easier to treat if it is detected early and isolated. But because bed bugs are masters at avoiding detection, many infestations go undetected.

Despite this, we can usually treat bed bugs effectively in a single day with a single visit to a property. An entire home can usually be heat treated in 5-6 hours.

To minimise disruption to a home or business and protect reputations, we work discreetly in unmarked uniforms and from unmarked vans. Nobody outside the property would know that we are inside treating a bed bug infestation.

Our Surrey bed bug treatment guarantee

We provide a 30-day guarantee for bed bug heat treatment in Surrey: 

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.

Bed bug prevention and monitoring in Surrey

To stop bed bugs from returning to high-risk properties, ThermoPest provides ongoing bed bug monitoring and prevention services 

Regular visits ensure that Surrey properties remain bed-bug-free in the long term and reputational damage is avoided for businesses.

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Bed Bug Treatment Surrey Bed Bug Treatment in Surrey

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Bed Bug Treatment Surrey Bed Bug Treatment in Surrey

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Bed Bug Treatment Surrey Bed Bug Treatment in Surrey

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Bed Bug Treatment Surrey Bed Bug Treatment in Surrey

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