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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

There’s only one winner!

If you are fighting a bed bug infestation, you need to stack the odds in your favour to win the battle.

The problem is that most home and business owners leave bed bugs with a fighting chance.

With heat treatment for bed bugs, there’s only one winner… it penetrates every crack and crevice where bed bugs hide, eradicating the bugs at every stage of their lifecycle, including the eggs.

There’s no coming back from that!

A single visit from our professionals is all that’s required to solve your bed bug problem once and for all: no days of preparation or disruption from multiple visits to your property.

What is heat treatment for bed bugs?

Heat treatment is the latest and most effective way to eradicate bed bugs.

During the heat treatment process, specialist, high-powered convection heaters raise a room’s temperature to between 49°C and 60°C and hold it there for an extended period. 

These 18-200Kw heaters are set to reach precisely the right temperature for precisely the right length of time to kill the bed bugs at all stages of their life cycles, including the eggs. 

Bed bugs love to hide in the tiniest of spaces. That’s how they’ve managed to live side by side with humans for thousands of years. With heat treatment, there’s no hiding place.

Bed bugs require proteins and enzymes for the pest to survive and the heat treatment deprives them of this.

Understanding this is critical for permanent bed bug eradication. Most traditional methods work temporarily before the bed bugs return, which is both annoying and expensive for home and business owners.

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Why use heat treatment over other methods?

To understand why heat treatment is the most effective bed bug treatment method, we need to consider what bed bugs are, what they’re attracted to and why common approaches are ineffective.

Bed bugs are: 

  • Superb hiders: their flat bodies can crawl into any crevice where human blood is on offer.
  • Tiny until they eat: after feeding, bed bugs swell up and turn a deeper reddish-brown.
  • Patient: bed bugs can be dormant for 12 months without feeding.
  • Mobile: they move around (up to one meter per minute).
  • Adaptable: they’re often found in furniture and luggage as well as mattresses.

Bed bugs are also smart. That’s why it’s estimated that over half of bed bug infestations in the UK go entirely unnoticed.

Find out more about bed bugs here or on our Bed Bug FAQs page.

When bed bugs are noticed, most treatments are only partially effective. 

They rely on chemical-based insecticides. Despite multiple visits (in many cases five or six visits over several weeks), these treatments fail to eradicate the pest once and for all. This is mainly because of resistance to certain chemicals and the fact that only the bugs that come into contact with the insecticide are killed

Remember, these pests can move and may be able to crawl away to a new hiding place to escape chemical treatments.

That’s why treating a whole property with heat (including adjoining rooms) may be recommended for absolute eradication of the pest.

Our heat treatments are superior bed bug eradicators because they are:

  • Comprehensive: We leave zero hiding places for bugs. The only escape is to leave the room(s) being treated, which we make impossible.
  • Convenient: One visit only is required (most exterminations are completed in one day).
  • Eco-friendly: Heat treatments are chemical-free, leave no waste and add nothing to the toxic load in your home/business.
  • Guaranteed: If all bugs in your home/business aren’t eradicated, we’ll come back until they are.
Where can bed bug heat treatment work?

Bed bugs can rapidly ruin hard-won reputations. In a flash, if word gets around social media, a hotel, hostel or other hospitality or care-related business can be cleared of guests and new inquiries can dry up.

ThermoPest’s bed bug heat treatment services are designed both for homes that have become infested with bed bugs and businesses that house soft furnishings with a large flow of people coming and going.

We can help families avoid the itching and complaints — and businesses avoid the devastating loss of reputation.

Typically, our heat treatments are requested by:

No job is too big or too small and we serve the entire UK.

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Do you need to prepare anything for a bed bug heat treatment?

No, generally, our team can work around your home or business as long as we have access to the room(s) infested with bed bugs.

Eradication generally requires just ONE visit and can be achieved in a single day on most occasions (a complete home can usually be treated in 5-6 hours).

Our team works discreetly from unmarked vans and in unmarked uniforms. There is no need to run pipes into the property and make an infestation obvious to neighbours — so we help to protect your reputation as well as limit disruption.

What is the bed bug guarantee exactly?

Our treatments use proven methods tested on thousands of infestations. To back this up, we offer a 30-day guarantee after any bed bug heat treatment: 

If any signs of bed bug activity are detected within 30 days, we re-treat the area at no additional cost.*

*Acceptable proof of live bed bugs includes video or other evidence of bugs caught on traps.

Bed bug heat treatment cost

Our bed bug heat treatments are priced competetively within the market and we never cut corners. 

We believe in doing a job thoroughly the first time so there’s no need to come back. Nothing less than total bed bug eradication is acceptable and our team will not leave your property until we’re confident that’s the case.

Every circumstance is different and we will be happy to provide you a free no obligation quote based on your requirements.

Can you help prevent bed bugs?

Yes, as well as bed bug heat treatments, we provide monitoring and prevention services with 4, 6 or 12 visits per year.

These are designed to protect hotels and other businesses at high risk of bed bug infestations and for whom the reputational damage can be devastating.

Can other pests be killed with heat treatment?

As well as bed bugs, heat treatment can kill textile moths, cockroaches, wood-boring pests and fleas. Contact our team today.

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