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Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bugs are found all across the world and can infest anywhere.  

It’s very important to note that bed bugs do not discriminate based on cleanliness, hygiene or people’s socioeconomic status. They are found in all sorts of environments as they are attracted to the warmth and carbon dioxide of humans and animal. Their preferred food is human blood and not dirt and food. Therefore, you are more likely to find them where people sleep or rest such as homes, hotels, hostels, care homes and hospitals.  

Here’s a brief summary of the most common places where bed bugs come from:

Travel: Bed bugs are hitchhikers and are transported from one place to another through your luggage and personal belongings. Bed bugs commonly infest hotels, hostels and other holiday accommodation. If you have unknowingly stayed in an infested place, you may transport them to your home or another place.

Used Furniture: Bed bugs love to hide in secondhand furniture, especially in mattresses and sofas.  If you purchased second-hand furniture that is infested, the bed bugs will be transported into your home.

Infested Items: Bed bugs also infest items like clothing and bedding. If these items are brought into your home from a infested environment, the bed bugs will also be introduced

Visitors and Guests:  Visitors or guests to your home or business can transport bed bugs with them without knowing if they have been exposed to a bed bug infestation elsewhere.

Public Transport: Bed bugs are sometimes found on public transportation, such as buses, trains and planes. Infestations on public transportation are pretty rare, but not unheard of. 

Adjacent Apartments, Flats or Homes: In multi-room pleaces like apartment buildings, terraced houses  or hotels, bed bugs can easily move from one area to another through walls, electrical outlets, or plumbing.

Where do bed bugs come from?

How bed bugs enter – Where do bed bugs come from?

Bed bug infestations can be caused by a variety of factors. Understanding the common causes of bed bug infestations is crucial in preventing and addressing these problematic situations. One factor that contributes to bed bug infestations is travel, as these pests can hitch a ride in luggage or clothing.

In most cases they hitch rides in suitcase, clothing, and furniture, allowing them to enter undetected. When buying second hand furniture from online marketplaces or stores, it is always advised to ask whether they have had previous issues with bed bugs and avoid purchasing if there has been any history of a bed bugs.

These pests can crawl through tiny cracks and crevices in walls, floors, and furniture, enabling them to infiltrate homes and businesses. Taking precautionary measures such as regular inspections and thorough cleaning can help prevent the entry of bed bugs, but its never guaranteed.

Bed bugs can be traced back to ancient times when they infested caves and fed on bats. These pests have evolved over centuries, adapting to human environments, spreading through trade and travel. They can be found anywhere from homes to hotels, hostels and even transport. It is always recommended to monitor bed bugs and act quickly if any infestation is seen, speak with one of our experts to find out more.  

Five facts about where do bed bugs come from:

  • ✅ Bed bugs originated from bats in the Middle East and were spread worldwide by human civilisations. They were later introduced to the Americas by European settlers.
  • ✅ Bed bugs can enter homes through various means, including traveling on clothing, luggage, and other items from infested locations.
  • ✅ Despite what most people believe, bed bugs are not a sign of ‘being dirty’ and can infest any home or business regardless of cleanliness.
  • ✅ Bed bugs are often brought into homes from purchasing second-hand furniture that has an active bed bug population
  • ✅ Public places like schools, colleges, and daycare facilities are also a way for bed bugs to spread.

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If you think a bed bug infestation at your home or business, it’s vital to take immediate action to address the problem as bed bugs can multiply and spread rapidly. Professional pest control services are necessary to permanently  eradicate a bed bug infestation. ThermoPest always recommends a bed bug heat treatment for effective and permanent extermination of bed bug infestations. Give us a call or pop us an email today-  our friendly team are always happy to have a chat about your pest issues and answer any questions you may have.

Where do bed bugs come from Where do bed bugs come from?

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